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Accreditation: the key to confidence in home security products

When deciding on the right security screening additions for your home, there’s one word which helps you identify a quality product – accreditation. It lets you know that an item has achieved a recognised standard and has met the official requirements for reliable credentials. In the world of security doors and screens, the four letters that signal appropriate accreditation are NSSA.

So what is the NSSA?

National Security Screen Association

The National Security Screen Association is the organisation which was established to set industry standards among the many producers of security screen products. Since its evolution from a Queensland-based group to a national body last year, the NSAA has created a third party accreditation scheme which ensures its members comply with relevant Australian Standards.

Backed up by its affiliation with the Australian Window Association (AWA), the NSSA has created a member-driven national industry body which benefits both members and customers. They advocate on behalf of members in relation to the ongoing development of standards and codes and assist the industry by providing training, education and awareness, which ultimately benefits clients.

What does this accreditation mean?

Under the NSSA, accredited companies such as Invisi-Gard dealers undertake to participate in third party accreditation schemes to ensure their products comply with the Australian Standards relevant to their products. They also conduct annual compliance audits and follow an industry code of conduct.

Members gain access to ongoing training provided by the organisation, along with regular updates on industry standards or notification of changes to applicable regulations. Such information sharing ensures members are kept up to date on the latest technologies and insights relevant to their products.

These commitments mean when you purchase a product from an NSSA member, you have additional confidence the product will have met or likely exceeded the necessary standards and best practices. All these factors help ensure you receive not only a high quality product, but also one that is the best fit for your application.

Understanding the Standards

There are three key Australian Standards which an NSSA accredited company will follow when it comes to making sure security screens do their job:

AS5039-2008 – Security screen doors and security window grilles: This is the overarching standard which sets out performance requirements for all possible types of security screen doors (hinged or sliding), as well as all types of security window grills (hinged, sliding, removable and fixed). However, for products to conform to this standard, they must be tested by an accredited laboratory in line with AS5041 (see below).

A product which has met the AS5039 standard is required to be labelled as such. It must display the manufacturer’s name, the standard to which it is certified and the independent accreditation scheme under which it has been checked.

AS5041-2003 – Methods of test - Security screen doors and window grilles: This standard prescribes the testing required to ensure products resist forced entry. These include the dynamic impact test (simulating a kick to the door), lock and hinge lever tests (jemmy attack), salt spray test, knife shear test (simulating being slashed with a knife), cyclone rating, fire attenuation and bushfire test. Each test is carried out under the strict conditions of a NATA accredited inspection agency. Compliance certificates should be readily available and if in doubt, you can always ask an NSSA member to see the test results.

AS5040-2003 – Installation of security screen doors and window grilles: The ultimate effectiveness of security screen doors or window grilles is dependent not only on the strength and quality of the screen and grille but also the way in which it is installed. This standard sets out minimum acceptable standards for installing the windows and doors to ensure they can resist forced entry.

Purchasing with confidence

By using an NSSA accredited company, you have the confidence of knowing your product has met or exceeded the highest of industry standards. All Invisi-Gard window and door security screen products have passed the standard tests with flying colours, ensuring customers benefit from peace of mind in their home security products.

Just remember, when you are selecting your next security screen product, make sure you can see the phrase that gives you that assurance: This manufacturer is a member of the NSSA Accreditation Program.