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Security screens: A value-add making your home stand out from the rest

With more than 100,000 homes up for sale across Australia1 at any one time, how do you make your home stand out from the rest? Give yourself a head start on the competition by providing a great first impression, long term security, real dollar savings, and lasting added value by installing high quality Invisi-Gard stainless steel security screens.

Help them tick the boxes

When buyers scan lists of homes for sale they have a shopping list of features so your home needs to tick all the boxes. In a quick moving market and limited open for inspection times, buyers will narrow down the ones they make the effort to view. Listing your home’s quality features may influence them to prioritise yours over others.

A value-add making your home stand out from the rest

In the same way that advertisements will list name-brand kitchen appliances, mentioning you have Invisi-Gard screens signals your property is a quality home. With their brand recognition and highly-regarded reputation, the Invisi-Gard name is a way of saying your home is going to provide a safe, secure environment and adds to the reasons it might be worth viewing.

Make a first impression that counts

Before they walk through the door, buyers make many tiny judgements based on the first impression they get from the street. Nothing detracts more than ill-matched or deteriorated screens, which don’t show off your home to its best advantage.

Modern security screens can be tailored to positively enhance the exterior appearance and style of your home. If a front door is natural wood, a security door can be finished in a timber grain powder coat that looks and feels like natural wood. Around windows, a modern contrasting colour might be selected which complements a lighter façade, while decorative screen doors can add an attractive detail. Security doors and screens are not just a practical accessory – they have the ability to enhance the overall appearance and deliver that all-important positive first impression.

Signal style & substance

Buyers are smart: they can see past a well-styled bedroom or a fresh coat of paint. While home sellers do such tasks to spruce up their homes, some of those changes are mostly simply cosmetic. A savvy buyer will be looking at the base building and wondering about ongoing maintenance and upkeep.

Once they see you have Invisi-Gard screens, they will appreciate exactly what they are getting. Constructed from 316 marine grade stainless steel, high quality aluminium and a superior clamping system, Invisi-Gard screens have a well-earned reputation for durability. This will give the buyer peace of mind that the product will continue to perform for many years to come, helping to minimise home maintenance and upkeep costs.

A premium home deserves premium products

A value-add making your home stand out from the rest

With Australian median house prices well over half a million dollars2, buyers have increasing expectations about the level of standard fittings and fixtures. A home with an extensive indoor-outdoor living area still needs to be kept secure from intruders and protected from insects if it is to be an inviting and useable space. If your home already has protection in place, they can cross it off the list of things they might have to do when they move in.

While no one wants to focus on the potential for crime, it is an everyday reality that security screens help address this threat. If buying a premium home, it is good to know that features are in place that are going to keep your family and your possessions safe.

Sell the savings

Having saved up for a deposit and facing a mortgage, it’s also great to be able to show potential buyers they might actually save money when they buy your home. For starters, some insurance companies take into consideration how secure a home is when calculating costs. Installing security products may help you qualify for discounted premiums.

A further benefit comes from the natural ventilation and passive cooling screens facilitate. If you are able to leave doors and windows securely open to take advantage of cooling breezes, chances are you can save on air conditioning electricity bills. Buyers will be keenly aware of the ongoing costs of running a home, so anticipating lower power bills is a definite plus.

Protect your investment and theirs

With homes often being our largest asset, it makes sense to do everything possible to both create and maintain enduring value. Whether you’re planning on selling or simply want to protect your investment, Invisi-Gard security screens are the no-comprise way to add lasting value to your home.