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Making Space

How security screens add value and help you get better use out of the space around your home.

Home improvements are usually undertaken to add value to a home, to solve a problem area, or to make a space better suited to how the owners like to live. The easy and cost effective way to get all three benefits at once is to install an Invisi-Gard patio security enclosure.

Completely screening an outdoor area solves multiple problems with one solution, providing an insect-free space, good natural ventilation and – with Invisi-Gard products – security. The strong, high visibility 316 stainless steel mesh screens turn any outdoor undercover patio or deck into a valuable and enjoyable living space, keeping the positives of the outdoors while protecting from the negatives.

Once an area is enclosed, the options for using the space are endless. Some might use it as an active place, where games can be played or the home gym is given a good workout. It could be a place to get creative with music, arts and crafts, or somewhere to base a home office. For others it might be a quiet sanctuary or sunroom, where they read a book, listen to music, or simply relax in the company of friends and family.

Peregian Springs Patio Enclosure, QLD

A security screen enclosure is an option for many types of covered areas such as porches, verandahs and pergolas, as the screens can be custom-fitted to existing structures. The end result is a transformed indoor-outdoor area, without the need for costly major renovations.

For this home in Peregian Springs, Invisi-Gard security screens were chosen over glass to enclose the undercover area so the residents could continue to enjoy the temperate Sunshine Coast climate. The screening allows the space to retain its outdoor feel, while promoting passive cooling and providing protection from the insects.

The security features of the Invisi-Gard screens also give peace of mind when the owners are away from home. The tightly woven 316 stainless steel mesh repels attacks from impact or sharp objects while the security screen sliding doors close with a locking mechanism which will resist any attempt to jemmy it open.

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In nearby Buderim, the aim of enclosing the patio area of this home was primarily to keep the wildlife out. Living on the edge of Buderim Forest, the addition of the screened-in area fulfils its purpose by keeping out insects and inquisitive reptiles, while preserving the sense of being in the midst of the rainforest. The high-visibility of Invisi-Gard 316 stainless steel mesh means the bushland views are retained, and natural ventilation is promoted.

Bunderim Patio Enclosure, QLD

Meanwhile, including a pair of Invisi-Gard French security screen doors for the entry to the patio enclosure has created a new secure access point for the home. The triple locking system and double flush bolt of the French screen doors keep the home’s occupants safe and protected at all times from the larger type of unwanted guest.

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Further north in Rockhampton, Invisi-Gard screens have turned an under-utilised outdoor space next to a pool into a popular family entertainment and relaxation area. Adding the screened enclosure around the patio area has been like building an extra room on to the home, but without the high price tag. It is now the primary space where the adults can relax, while keeping an eye on the kids in the pool.

Loveday Patio, Rockhampton, QLD

While standard fly screens would also have kept out the insects, they wouldn’t have provided the high visibility and additional security properties that come with Invisi-Gard screens. The combination of impact and attack-proof 316 stainless steel mesh, gripped securely in a strong aluminium frame, gives Invisi-Gard screens unparalleled security credentials.

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