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What makes a security screen a “multi-use” screen?

Invisi-Gard security screens do much more than just keep your home safe from intruders.

The decision to install security screen windows or doors is usually triggered by the desire to protect a home from unwanted intruders. However, Invisi-Gard security screen doors and windows offer multiple additional features over standard security screens, making them a "multi-use" screen.

The benefits of a multi-use security screen

Selecting home security screening with multiple features means a home and its occupants will be not just protected from unwanted guests, but from other less obvious dangers such as:

  • bushfire protection
  • window fall prevention
  • damage from extreme weather events such as cyclones

Multi-use security screen doors and windows can even help with improving the energy efficiency and comfort your home.

Fire safe window screens

Screens such as Invisi-Gard have fire attenuation properties and Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) ratings.

  • Fire attenuation: this is where a product can reduce radiant heat and the spread of flames, thereby reducing the intensity of fire impacts. This rating is important regardless of where a building is located.
  • BAL rating: the ability of a product to resist fire. These ratings are most relevant to buildings in bushfire prone areas.

All Invisi-Gard products are rated BAL40, and have a fire attenuation rating of 55% or 48% (depending on installation method) which deems them appropriate as a fire attenuation product under the National Construction Code, subject to fire certifier and engineer approval.

Window fall prevention by security screens

To have fall prevention credentials, a window security screen must undergo testing to Australian Standard AS5203-2016 Protection of openable windows. This demonstrates the ability of the product to resist pressure and outward force. With Invisi-Gard screens installed across openable windows, parents can relax in the knowledge their children are safe.

What makes a security screen a “multi-use” screen?

Where a window screen covers a window which may be needed in an emergency (e.g. on lower levels) it may be desirable for a window security screen to be quickly opened from the inside. Here Invisi-Gard’s emergency escape window screen, Invisi-Scape, provides the solution. Residents can escape a room quickly in an emergency by pressing a lever which releases the screen. Invisi-Scape screens can be inward or outward opening as appropriate and are also handy when it comes to cleaning windows.

Cyclone rated security screens

For those living in cyclone prone regions, a cyclone rated flyscreen provides protection for people and property. Invisi-Gard’s cyclone rated security screen, Invisi-Maxx, has undergone NATA certified testing which showed it resisted impacts from debris and projectiles travelling up to 44m/sec, well in excess of the requirement of 35.2m/sec for extreme cyclonic Region D.

What makes a security screen a “multi-use” screen?

Energy efficient screen doors

A security screen can improve energy efficiency by acting as a solar shading screen. The semi-transparent mesh can diffuse direct sunlight, reducing the amount of heat which reaches the screened portion of the window.

Screens also contribute to lower energy costs by allowing safe use of open windows for passive cooling and ventilation. If security window screens are present, people are more likely to leave a window open to allow natural breezes to do the work, instead of turning on air conditioning.

What makes a security screen a “multi-use” screen?

Invisi-Gard is WERS rated, which means its energy efficiency has been assessed under the Windows Energy Rating Scheme. This scheme identifies products which will enhance a building’s energy performance.

Invisi-Gard security screen solutions

While some security screen windows and doors may claim to be multi-use, it is important to ensure the product you choose has the right credentials and will perform as described. With Invisi-Gard’s product range, the multiple features and benefits are not just claimed, they have been tested and proven to give customers peace of mind they are purchasing a high quality home security solution.

For a detailed discussion of home security screening see our White Paper: Smarter Security: A Guide to Specifying Multi-Use Security Screen Solutions