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Bush Fire Testing to AS1530.8.1

Bush Fire Testing
Invisi-Gard & Breezway Altair Louvre BAL40 Compliant

The Invisi-Gard system is known to be a robust fire attenuation screening solution and this has been proven even further with an Australian first application of a Breezway Altair Louvre window system achieving a BAL40 level compliance when fitted with Invisi-Gard screens.

The specific application of Invisi-Gard to the opening pane of the Breezway glass louvre system will allow the application of good light and ventilation in a bushfire prone area of the building.

Conventional window systems are currently used in these bushfire prone areas as the louvre frames have always been restricted to lower bushfire levels such as BAL29. Now owners have the option of using a complete BAL40 glass louvre system with a screening solution to achieve a comfortable living environment allowing greater air flow when needed.

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