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Dynamic Impact Test: AS5039-2008

This Australian Standard test simulates a kick to a security screen door.

This test was introduced after it was found that grilles fitted to security screen doors were subject to impact breakage through kicking of the grille panel. The test is performed with a sand and lead filled bag and weighing around 40kg. At impact the bag imparts 100 joules of energy to the panel being tested. The test is repeated 5 times, simulating repeated kicking as the burglar attempts to break into your home.

The test panel fails the test if the infill material (mesh) comes out of the door or window framing, or if the impact breaches the material in any way. The Australian Standard AS5041 requires security screens and doors to resist five consecutive impacts, each of 100 Joules.

Invisi-Gard easily meets this requirement and can resist in excess of 50 consecutive impacts, each of 100 Joules without failure.

Invisi-Gard passes because of our Patented EGP Retention System which runs around four sides of the screen. This Patented retention system resists the tendency of the mesh to be pulled out of the frame.

Invisi-Gard shows its strength by withstanding a 4kg block of hardwood fired at a speed of 20 meters per second.

Invisi-Gard absorbed over 10 times the dynamic impact energy required by Australian standards

Dynamic Impact Test