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Lockout Security Pty Ltd
Unit 7 / 77 Pasturage Road, Caboolture QLD
Phone: 07 5495 7533 | Fax: 07 5495 7577


About Lockout Security, QLD

Lockout Security Pty Ltd is a family owned business and has been operating since 1991. They manufacture and sell a large variety of INIVISI-GARD security screen windows and security screen doors.

Quality, security and comfort are their top priorities along with the best price and they strive to provide these to each and every customer in Caboolture, QLD.

Why Choose Lockout Security?

Lockout Security's motto is "Excellent Customer Service, the highest quality products, at a price that you can afford". Dedicated to providing the best possible service for their customers in Caboolture QLD, they offer Invisi-Gard's high quality range of security windows and doors, Invisi-Scape emergency fire escape systems, federation style decorative doors and patio/screen enclosures.


Fixed Window Security Screens in Caboolture, QLD

Fixed window security screens are becoming more of a requirement for the security conscious home owner in Caboolture QLD. New homes and renovations often incorporate large windows as features in the overall design of the home. To cover these windows in conventional security grilles would detract from the visual appeal of the home and as a result, security is often not adequate.

Invisi-Gard Fixed Window Security Screens combine the proven strength and security of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh with extruded aluminium perimeter framing to create a security window screen that looks great whilst providing excellent security.


Hinged and Sliding Security Doors in Caboolture, QLD

Hinged and Sliding Security Doors are growing more popular in new and renovated homes in Caboolture, QLD. Many homes incorporate one or more sliding doors or hinge doors as part of the access entry, entertainment areas, back yards and patios. In the past it has been difficult to add security doors that do not detract from the views or value of a timber entry door.

Invisi-Gard Hinged or Sliding Security Doors offer excellent security without compromising the vision through the door.

316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh is used in all Invisi-Gard Stainless Steel Security Products and it is because of this Marine Grade Stainless Steel that Invisi-Gard out performs all other stainless steel security products when it comes to corrosion resistance.

Product strength and performance are key factors for home owners in Caboolture, QLD when deciding which security door to purchase. All Invisi-Gard Hinged & Sliding Security Doors have been tested to Australian Standards AS5039-2008 so you can be assured that when choosing Invisi-Gard, you are choosing the finest in Stainless Steel Security Products.


Patio - Screen Enclosures in Caboolture, QLD

Lifestyle, Australian Outdoors, Patios and Invisi-Gard. These four things are all related when it comes to maximising your enjoyment from the outdoor areas of your home in Caboolture, QLD.

Invisi-Gard provides an excellent method whereby you can enclose your patio or outdoor area to make it impervious to insects or intruders whilst not limiting the views, breezes or look of your home. Floor to ceiling screening that can incorporate midrails if you wish to create a sight line, or without midrails for that uninterrupted view, nothing performs as well in this application as Invisi-Gard.

Designed to adapt to existing patio and screen enclosure structures, or to be engineered as a new addition to your home. The Invisi-Gard Patio and Screen Enclosure System offers ultimate flexibility of design to create an outdoor area that can change the way you live.