Young girl's lucky escape from window fall (Casula)

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CareFlightA young girl had a lucky escape from serious injury when she fell from a second floor window at a unit at Casula, in Sydney’s south-west, today.

A “000” phone call alerted ambulance paramedics and police to the girl’s plight just after midday.

Ambulance officers called the CareFlight trauma team with the helicopter landing minutes later in a park adjacent to the Ingham Drive unit block.

The CareFlight doctor said when the five-year-old girl apparently fell thorough a flyscreen at a window, she hit a skillion roof below, bounced onto a car then landed on a concrete path.

Despite her ordeal the girl was conscious when emergency services arrived.

Ambulance paramedics and the CareFlight doctor found the girl had suffered only minor injuries.

The girl was taken, under continuing observation by the CareFlight doctor, in a paramedic road ambulance to the Westmead Children’s Hospital.

The girl’s mother accompanied her daughter in the ambulance to the hospital where the girl remained in a stable condition on arrival.

For further information please contact CareFlight director Ian Badham on 9687 1111.

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