Invisi-Gard featured in My Child Magazine

My Child MagazineSummer 2012/2013

Be Window Aware

In New South Wales alone, around 8,000 children are hospitalised each year due to falls. With the summer season upon us, it’s worth ensuring that your windows and balcony doors are secure. Here are a few simple precautions you can take:

  • make sure windows cannot be opened more than 10cm (except by an adult) or install a window guard
  • keep furniture and climbable objects away from windows and balconies
  • ensure that railings are at least 1m tall (1.3m ideally) and remove gaps that a child can fit through or use as a foothold
  • don’t rely on flyscreens as children can fall through them

Visit for more information and for ideas on making your home safer.

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