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Product Testing

  • Dynamic Impact Test

    Dynamic Impact Test

    This Australian Standard test simulates a kick to a security screen door after it was found that grilles fitted to security screen doors were subject to impact breakage through kicking of the grille panel.

  • Lock and Hinge Lever Test

    Lock and Hinge Lever Test

    This tests the effects of a jemmy attack against a security screen door or window grille simulated by allowing a narrow-bladed lever to be inserted against the locking, fastening and hinging points.

  • Salt Spray Test

    Salt Spray Test

    The Australian Standard Salt Spray Test is an inexpensive but effective means of comparing the relative corrosion resistance performance between competing systems.

  • Knife Shear Test

    Knife Shear Test

    This test simulates a knife attack on Invisi-Gard as a burglar tries to cut through the screen. The test aims to recreate the effect of someone attacking your doors with a Stanley knife or similar.

  • Cyclone Rated

    Cyclone Rated

    One of the toughest tests of strength for a security system is the Cyclonic Missile Impact Test where a piece of hardwood is launched at the centre of the security screen up to a speed of 158km/hr.

  • Fire Attenuation

    Fire Attenuation

    Invisi-Gard will protect your property from floating embers preventing them passing through the screens and its fire attenuation properties will reduce the intensity of radiant heat flux.

  • Bushfire Test

    Bushfire Test

     The Invisi-Gard system which is a robust fire attenuation screening solution, has been combined with the Breezway Altair Louvre window system achieving a BAL40 level compliance.