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Salt Spray Test: AS2331.3.1

Australian Standard AS5039 requires that security screen doors and windows must exhibit corrosion resistant properties in order that the consumer is able to buy a product that is fit for purpose and will last.

In order to establish the corrosion resistant properties of security systems, long term environmental conditions are simulated in a reduced timeframe using accelerated weathering tests.

The Neutral Salt Spray Test is one such method, and is also referenced as Australian Standard AS2331.3.1. This test is an inexpensive but effective means of comparing the relative corrosion resistance performance between competing systems.

In essence, this test requires that a sample of a security product be immersed in a sealed booth. The atmospheric conditions in the booth are then stabilized in terms of temperature, relative humidity, pH neutrality, and salt concentration.

In this particular test, the salt concentration has the potential to act as an electrolyte, and this accelerates corrosion in security systems dramatically. The samples are inspected at regular intervals for signs of corrosion, and during these inspections, are washed down and dried before once again being immersed in the booth.

Security doors and screens are required to resist 240 hours in this accelerated weathering test without showing any corrosion whatsoever.

Whilst some competing systems deteriorate as early as the 500 to 750 hour mark, Invisi-Gard systems have been extensively tested and have resisted 2,000 hours of such immersion without any signs of corrosion. The Grade 316 stainless steel mesh used in Invisi-Gard, on its own resists a remarkable 10,000 hours without any signs of the onset of corrosion.

Clearly the benefits of combining the isolation of dissimilar metals using our EGP system, and using the highest quality stainless steel mesh yields superior corrosion resistance performance, and makes Invisi-Gard the premier security solution for your home or business.

Salt Spray TestInvisi-Gard Panel after Salt Spray Test

Salt Spray Test
Competing system after Salt Spray Test

Salt Spray Test
Comparative performance of Invisi-Gard (on left) with a competing product subject to 2000 hours