Camden family home, NSW

This new family home in Camden showcases how home security screening doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style.

Having designed and built a dream home, the last thing you want to do is detract from the final visual appeal by adding security screens which don’t blend with the overall design. The solution? Choosing Invisi-Gard stainless steel security screening which can be matched to blend seamlessly with a home’s colour palette.

This was the solution for a new family home near Camden in NSW, where the owners wanted the peace of mind provided by security screens, without impacting on the final look and views. Invisi-Gard frames were able to be colour matched to complement the timber entry door and the light purple hue of the rendering on the home’s exterior.

Invisi-Gard screens were selected to enclose all the main openable doors and windows of the property. At the front of the home, a hinged screen door was matched with the wooden entrance door while at the rear sliding screen doors were made to span the opening to the outdoor entertaining area. Meanwhile screens were also fitted to the double-hung bedroom windows.

The high level of transparency offered by Invisi-Gard mesh has ensured that both light and airflow have been maximised for the home which enjoys rural views of Camden Valley. The exceptionally high level of clarity of the screens comes from their construction out of high tensile wire. Combined with specialised weaving equipment and techniques, the end product is a more transparent yet stronger screen than that provided by other types of mesh.

In terms of providing home security, Invisi-Gard screens have been rigorously tested against the Australian Standards to ensure they fulfil their role in withstanding impact and attack. The superiority of the 316 marine grade stainless steel used to weave the mesh, combined with Invisi-Gard’s unique mesh retention system, have ensured Invisi-Gard easily surpasses the performance tests to provide peace of mind.

Instead of being an afterthought to provide security, this Camden home is a great example of how choosing Invisi-Gard screening means you don’t need to compromise on looks to achieve a safe, secure and attractive family home.

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