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Material choice

Invisi-Gard uses only marine grade GR316 stainless steel mesh in its system. The reason for this is simply that GR316 affords a greater corrosion resistance than a lesser grade such as GR304.

The Australian Stainless Steel Development Association (ASSDA) states that GR316 has a substantial advantage over lesser grades due to its chemical composition. The presence of Molybdenum in quantities greater than 2% increases the corrosion resistance of the metal by 20 to 30% particularly in regards to pitting corrosion.

Some competitors make claims that once the stainless steel mesh is powdercoated, then the advantages of using GR316 are negated.

In fact, all powdercoatings are porous, allowing water and other possible pollutants through the paint to the base metal. One would then be in a situation where one had to rely on the quality of the pretreatment process and the resistance of the base metal itself!

Invisi-Gard is a system wherein the choice of materials gives the end user the comfort of knowing that with minimal effort, the longevity of the product is assured.

Corrosion Testing / Salt Spray Testing
Security Screen Testing - Corrosion TestingCORROSION
Test numbers: AZT0139
2,000 hour salt spray test with no sign of corrosion  
Invisi-Gard screens have been tested to withstand over 2,000 hours of exposure in an accelerated corrosion test in a salt spray chamber without any signs of corrosion.