Performance & Testing

Fire Attenuation Testing

Fire attenuation, simply put, is the lessening of energy as a result of the presence of a screen.

Prevents the spread of fire

The screen’s presence reduces the amount of energy passing through to an observer from an energy source from what would be the case had the screen not been in place between the source and the observer.

The Building Code of Australia requires fire attenuation screening to certain classes of building based on the distance from the designated fire boundary or from other buildings on the same allotment, and dictates the incident energy to be applied to the attenuating screen.

Security Screen Fire Attenuation Testing

Unexposed specimen face prior to testing.

Security Screen Fire Attenuation Testing

Exposed specimen face at the completition of testing.

Invisi-Gard Fire Attenuation Screens is deemed to satisfy solution referred to in section C3 Protection of Openings in the National Construction Code.

Invisi-Gard Fire Attenuation Screens are designed to protect window openings that are less than 3m from a property boundary or within 6m of another building in the same allotment.

Their purpose is to reduce any radiant heat transmitted from one area to another, helping to prevent the spread of fire between buildings.

Final approval of use and installation of Invisi-Gard as a Fire Attenuation screen can only come from the Fire Certifier or Fire Engineer. This decision is based on the information in our Test Reports and the building site conditions and requirements.

Fire Attenuation Testing FIRE ATTENUATION
AS1530.4-2014 APPENDIX B7
Test numbers: 52577300a
Achieves a fire attenuation rating of up to 55% at 40kW/m2 incident energy
Provides protection to limit the potential for fire spread to occur between buildings via flames and/or radiant heat.