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Cyclone Testing

Cyclonic Tested and Compliant

Invisi-Maxx window and door screening products are designed to resist windborne debris and projectiles, protecting both people and property from harm in these potentially deadly situations. Made from high tensile stainless steel mesh, Invisi-Maxx is available in 0.8mm mesh (appropriate for most residential applications) and a 1.2mm mesh option when a further level of protection is required such as for commercial applications or extreme cyclone locations.

Invisi-Maxx High Performance Stainless Steel Security now offers the ideal solution for protecting homes and businesses against the dangers of windborne debris impacts.

Independently tested to exceed the performance requirements for cyclone regions C and D, Invisi-Maxx screens have also demonstrated under NATA certified testing to withstand projectiles from debris travelling up to 44m/sec, offering a much higher level of protection than the Australian Standards that require 35.2 m/sec.

For those seeking the maximum in security protection, the same qualities which make Invisi-Maxx cyclone compliant make it the ideal screening system to protect homes and business from unwanted intruders.

Invisi-Maxx High Performance Stainless Steel Security

Invisi-Maxx is the obvious choice for providing protection of homes and businesses from intruders as well as cyclonic debris.

Cyclonic Testing for Security Screens

Region D: Cyclonic Area

Incidence Wind Speed
Wind Speed
Impact Speed
Mesh size* (mm)
1 V200 72 259.2 31.7 0.8
2 V500 80 288 35.2 0.8
3 V1000 85 306 37.4 1.2
4 V2000 90 324 39.6 1.2
5 V10000 99 356.4 43.6 1.2