Customer Support


Q: What range of products and colours are in the Invisi-Gard range?

A: Invisi-Gard can be powder-coated to any colour in the Dulux and Interpon range. It also comes in standard anodized finishes. Invisi-Gard products include hinged, sliding and stacking doors, window grilles, patio enclosures, cast panel doors, balustrades and emergency egress systems.


Q: Does Invisi-Gard come with a warranty?

A: We are happy to extend a lifetime warranty ( Read Lifetime Warranty ) to all original purchasers of Invisi-Gard as long as the product has been maintained in accordance with the "Care and Maintenance" guidelines. These simply require the product to be cleaned at intervals depending on your location. For example, if the product is by the coast, the period between cleaning is less than if the product is located inland.


Q: How much is it / Can I get a quote?

A: As every application is made to measure, the best way to get a reliable quote is to contact one of our Licensed Dealers who will arrange a suitable time to meet with you, give you a quote to install the product and will answer any further questions you may have. Licensed Dealers are found on the Dealer Locator page.


Q: Where can I get a look at the product?

A: Many of our Licensed Dealers have showrooms featuring Invisi-Gard and would be happy for you to view the product. Licensed Dealers are found on the Dealer Locator page.


Q: What standards does Invisi-Gard meet?

A: When installed correctly by a Licensed Dealer, Invisi-Gard meets all of the requirements for Security Doors and Windows as determined by Australian Standards, these being AS5039, AS5040 and AS5041.


Q: How can I be sure the product I'm buying is Invisi-Gard?

A: Only Licensed Dealers have access to the Invisi-Gard range of products. On installation, the Dealer will identify the product as Invisi-Gard with a discretely placed Invisi-Gard sticker which also shows their contact details should you need them. All currently Licensed Dealers are found on our website under the Dealer Locator.


Q: Does the product require any maintenance?

A: Invisi-Gard requires very minor maintenance. Simply washing the product with a mild detergent and then rinsing off the soap residue from time to time will keep the product looking fantastic for many years and will keep your 15 year warranty valid. The interval between cleaning will depend on your location. For example, if the product is by the coast, the period between cleaning is less than if the product is located inland. When the product is installed, you will receive a set of Care and Maintenance Guidelines which helps to better understand what’s required.


Q: How long has Invisi-Gard been in the market?

A: Invisi-Gard was patented in 2000 and began being sold into the market shortly thereafter. Our Dealer network has installed well over a million square metres of Invisi-Gard systems throughout Australia so far, and growing at an amazing rate. The Invisi-Gard brand is owned, supported and backed by Alspec, which has been a major distributor of aluminium building systems since 1974.


Q: What grade of stainless steel is your mesh made from?

A: Invisi-Gard uses grade 316 stainless steel exclusively in its mesh. This grade of stainless steel is commonly called "marine grade" stainless steel and has superior corrosion resistance to other grades of stainless steel such as grade 304. This is because of the steel’s chemistry which includes 2% Molybdenum, an alloying element not found in grade 304. Marine grade 316 offers real value for money, as the product will look pristine for many years to come with a minimum of maintenance.


Q: Does Invisi-Gard rust?

A: If the Care and Maintenance Guidelines are adhered to, Invisi-Gard will maintain a beautiful rust free appearance for the life of the product. Like all other similar stainless steel products though, if it is not maintained, there is potential for corrosion to occur.


Q: What is Galvanic Corrosion or Electrolysis?

A: This type of corrosion occurs spontaneously as a result of different metals coming into contact with each other in the presence of a conducting electrolyte like salt water, dust, even humid air or other debris. The designs of some systems use fasteners or screws to fasten the stainless steel mesh to the aluminium frame with clamps. This means of clamping the mesh brings different metals into contact, that is the screws and the aluminium frame, and creates the potential for corrosion to take place. In the case of Invisi-Gard, there are no screws or fasteners and the different metals are completely isolated from each other, so this type of corrosion cannot take place.


Q: What is the fire rating for Invisi-Gard?

A: The Australian Standard for Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas refers to the screening of openings with meshes for various Bushfire Attack Levels BAL’s. For sites to BAL-40, the requirement is that the mesh needs to have apertures less than 2mm and be made from a non-corrosive steel. Invisi-Gard mesh has apertures of 1.6mm, and is made of marine grade stainless steel and so is suitable for fire sites up to BAL-40.


Q: Can Invisi-Gard withstand contact from pets?

A: The high tensile 316 grade stainless steel mesh is extremely durable and will withstand contact with domestic pets.


Q: Can I put a pet door in my Invisi-Gard screen?

A: Yes, pet doors can be installed but it is important to understand that in doing so, the Invisi-Gard door will no longer be classed as a security door. This is because under the Australian Standard, the opening for a pet door, relegates the door to a barrier door only.