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New Screen Release Lever

Invisi-Scape - Press to Release

The new quick and easy “Press to Release” mechanism allows you to get out quickly in the event of an emergency. Simply press the lever to unlock and open the screen in one smooth and easy motion. The handle now releases the screen after only 20° of movement aiding in a speedy escape when required.

Invisi-Scape easily opens outwards to allow for a quick escape in an emergency while silmutaneously keeping intruders out when closed.

We are always looking at how we can improve our existing products and also design new systems for the ever-evolving marketplace. Our design team have re-engineered our existing Invisi-Scape system to give you an outward opening escape that is more robust, improves security and is cyclonic and BAL-40 compliant. Keep your home fire smart with our new and improved Invisi-Scape Outward Opening system with features such as:

New Internal Sash Handle

The integrated internal sash handle gives consistent clean lines around the internal sash frame. Its increased rigidity helps to reduce any flex when closing large screens.

New Hollow Perimeter Frame

The more robust perimeter frame increases rigidity, reduces sag and has greater impact resistance to provide improved security. Our new hollow perimeter frame houses the screw flute giving it greater strength while also allowing for ease of fabrication while concealed fixings improves security by putting fixings out of site from attackers, but also improves the exterior appearance and aids cleaning when required. The same cyclonic compliant perimeter frame is used for our Invisi-Screen and Invisi-Screen Maxx products.

New Flat Faced Sash

With its smooth external face and reduced frame width, the new Invisi-Scape sash now allows for an increased open mesh area that provides not only greater visibility and increased air flow but also gives your home a more modern and contemporary appearance. We’ve reduced the clearance between the sash and the perimeter frame to minimise any possibility of a pinch point for fingers and added bulb seals to removes noise from any screen movement under extreme weather conditions when the screen latch is closed.

New Screen Release Lever

When it is time to exit, the new “Press to Release” handle lets you unlock and push open the screen in one smooth and easy motion. The handle now releases the screen after only 20° of movement aiding in a speedy escape when required.


Suggested Maintenance Period Table
Environment Recommended Max. Maintenance Interval
Mild Six Months
Moderate Three Months
Tropical/Severe Two to Four Weeks
Environmental Definitions
Mild Being rural, away from the coast and remote from industry and urban activity.
Moderate Being mainly urban, inland and away from heavy industry.
Tropical/Severe Being coastal/marine, subject to salt deposition and within 15Km of the Eastern Coast, or 10Km of the Western Coast of Australia.

Care & Maintenance

Your new Invisi-Gard Stainless Steel Security Screens have been manufactured using the highest quality materials available to the security industry. Constructed from Architectural Grade Aluminium and 316 Stainless Steel Mesh, both of these metals are highly corrosion resistant and exceptionally strong.

With a moderate amount of maintenance, your Invisi-Gard Stainless Steel Security Screens will retain their good looks, and resist the elements for years to come.

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