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Product Range

Door Screens

Bal-40 Tested and Compliant15 Years Warranty
Geniune Meshtec

Hinged and Sliding Security Doors are growing more popular in today's new and renovated homes.

Hinged & Sliding Door Screens

Many homes incorporate one or more sliding or hinge doors as part of the access entry, entertainment areas, laundry door and patios. In the past it has been difficult to add security doors that do not compromise the views or value of a timber entry door.

Invisi-Gard Hinged or Sliding Security Doors offer excellent security without compromising the vision through the door.

Incorporating the unique patented EGP Retention System. Invisi-Gard Hinged Security Doors can be ordered as a Standard Door with or without a midrail. 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh is used in all Invisi-Gard Stainless Steel Security Products and it is because of this Marine Grade Stainless Steel that Invisi-Gard out performs all other stainless steel security products when it comes to corrosion resistance.

Product strength and performance are key factors in deciding which security door to purchase. All Invisi-Gard Hinged and Sliding Security Doors have been tested to Australian Standards AS5039-2008 so you can be assured that when choosing Invisi-Gard, you are choosing the finest in Stainless Steel Security Products.

Invisi-Gard Door Screens

French Door Screens

INvisi-Gard French Door Screens

French doors are an elegant addition to both renovated and new homes, popular for connecting indoor areas to outdoor terraces as they are great for maintaining light and views.

An attractive and effective way to enhance the security of such doors, without impacting on those attributes, is pairing them with high visibility Invisi-Gard French security screen doors.

With their exceptionally clear mesh, Invisi-Gard French security screen doors allow the traditional nature of this style of doors to be enjoyed, while providing the security, insect protection and ventilation benefits offered by modern security screening. Installed to open in the opposite direction to the main doors, Invisi-Gard French screen doors can be mounted internally or externally and custom coloured to the finish required.

Constructed with the same high quality stainless steel mesh as Invisi-Gard single hinged and sliding door screens.

The French screen doors come with a triple locking system and double flush bolt as standard. The doors have been tested to meet and exceed the Australian Standards for security screen doors, providing an effective barrier to all types of unwanted intruders, while allowing continuing appreciation of light, air and views.

Invisi-Gard Door Screens

Pet Doors & Security

Pet doors are a great idea for the comfort of your pets and the pet owner. But how secure are they?

Once a pet door is installed into any security window or door, including Invisi-Gard, it can no longer be classified as a security product. This is because the opening created for your pet to pass in and out of, exceeds the maximum allowable aperture in the infill material (stainless mesh) nominated under AS1539-2008.

It is now classified as a barrier door and the Invisi-Gard 15 year standard warranty still remains for the 316 stainless steel mesh.

Product Options
Option Sliding Doors Single Hinged Doors French Doors
* DOOR SCREEN is no longer a security screen once pet door installed.
Invisi-Gard Door Screens

Once you have decided on the type of Invisi-Gard Security Screen you require, you next need to consider the colour.

Aluminium Door Frame

Aluminium Door Frame Colours

Frame colour forms a key component of your window or door design and will need to balance with both the interior and exterior style of your home.

Whether you decide to contrast or blend, choose modern or heritage, or even a timber-grain look, there are a range of colour options for you to choose from.

Alspec is a Registered PowderCoater of Dulux and Akzo Nobel (Interpon). Visit the powder coat suppliers below for more information on available colours.

316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh

Invisi-Gard 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh is coated with a black polyester finish only. This coating cuts down light reflection allowing clearer visibility and is suitable for outdoor applications.

Some competing systems use hybrid epoxy powder coatings which are completely unsuitable to outdoor environments leading to reduced product longevity. Product strength and performance are key factors in making a purchasing decision.

Security Door Hardware

One of the key considerations needed when choosing an Invisi-Gard Security Door colour is the availability of door lock and hinge colours.

Door lock colours

Door Locks

Most popular: Black.
Also available in White and Primrose.
Plated finishes: Satin Chrome, Bright Chrome, Bright Gold.
Door hinge colours


Available in stainless steel finish or a range of standard powdercoated colours.
Door closer colours

Door Closers

Available in a range of standard powdercoated colours.

Popular Colour Range

At Invisi-Gard we are always being asked what the top specified powder coat colours are. To make it easy for consideration with your next project, here is the list of our top 20 warranty powder coat colours.
Alspec is a Registered PowderCoater of Dulux and Akzo Nobel (Interpon) and can offer an extensive range of colours all powder coated from our inhouse paintlines.

Colour Disclaimer

Colour representation on this website is for illustrative purposes only. You should request actual samples before placing your order.
Dulux Interpon
Anodic Dark Grey Matt
Anodic Natural Matt D1000
AZ Custom Black
Deep Ocean Matt
Hammersley Brown Satin
Monument Matt D1000
Paperbark Matt D1000
Pearl White Gloss D1000
Primrose Gloss D1000
Stone Beige Matt D1000
Vivica Ultra Silver Gloss D1000
White Birch Gloss R/C
Woodland Grey Matt R/C
Western Red Cedar
A.P.O Grey Satin -021
Dune Satin D1000
Ultra Silver Gloss
Surfmist Matt
Clear Anodised
Bronze Anodised

Timber Grain Look

The natural beauty and timeless appeal of wood with the capabilities of aluminium.

From traditional warm woody hues to dark modern ashes, Invisi-Gard Security screens can be powder coated with the most extensive range inspired by the natural world.

Enjoy the natural beauty of timber combined with ease and durability of aluminium. A textured woodgrain finish for Invisi-Gard Security screens.

The two-step photo imaging process. First, the aluminium in a luxuriously textured Super Durable powder coating. Then images of timber grain are sublimated into the powder coating, ensuring absolute photographic precision.

Aluminium that looks and feels like timber whilst the screen mesh remains black.

Black stainless steel mesh

Reasons for a Timber Grain look:


Just like timber, creates an environment of warmth and style.


50% more durable than standard powder coating and will never peel or rub off. Unlike timber, aluminium is resistant to termite attack, and it will never warp or rot.


No logging, no harmful greenhouse gases from paints or stains and no worries recycling it at the end of its life.


No sanding, painting, staining or oiling required. Lightweight aluminium is quick and easy to install.

These days home owners are spending big money on timber entry doors. Now you don't have to compromise of the look of these entry doors. You can add an Invisi-Gard Entry Door in a timber grain look to match.

Timber Grain Look Timber Grain Look
African Blackwood
Antique White
Australian Cedar
Bush Cherry
Curly Birch
Dark Mocha
European Walnut
French Oak
Golden Oak
Rose Mahagony
Silky Oak
Smoked Ash
Snow Gum
Spotted Gum
Tasmanian Oak
Walnut Burl
Weathered Timber
Western Red Cedar

Invisi-Gard Warranty Information

This warranty is given by:

  • Aluminium Specialties Group Pty Ltd (ABN 63 001 252 259)
  • Trading as Alspec®
  • 3 Alspec Place, Eastern Creek NSW 2766
  • (PO Box 262, Horlsey Park NSW 2175)
  • Phone: 02 9834 9500
  • Email:


Alspec's 15-year standard warranty has been tailored specifically for the Invisi-Gard® product to give you confidence in your purchase. This warranty is a joint effort between both Alspec®, and the Invisi-Gard® Licensed Dealer.

Alspec® will cover the aluminium framing and/or mesh used in the product to be free of any defects from the date of delivery to cover any defects in manufacturing & workmanship when the product has been fabricated and installed in accordance with the Invisi-Gard® Fabricator Manual. The Invisi-Gard® Licensed Dealer will then facilitate covering the installation & service components of this service.

This 15 year warranty is effective for all installations that have taken place from the 1st of July 2014. As with any valued purchase, effective maintenance is an essential part to prolonging the life of the product and is essential to maintain the rights as stated within this warranty. The care & maintenance instructions of this warranty must be followed to ensure the product will be eligible for any warranty claims.

What Products Are Covered Under This Warranty?

This warranty applies to all Invisi-Gard® Window and Door Screens and Invisi-Maxx® products only.

Who Is Covered Under This Warranty?

This 15 year standard warranty for Invisi-Gard® by Alspec® is non-transferrable and will only cover the original purchaser of the product. The original purchaser must provide a proof of purchase and installation to the Licensed Invisi-Gard® Dealer and/or Alspec® to facilitate any claims.

Warranty Coverage

All Invisi-Gard® screens are covered by a 15 year replacement warranty when used in a residential application (commercial use warranty is pending on application and can be covered for up to 15 years). When a new Invisi-Gard® screen has been received and there are manufacturer defects in either the workmanship or material, the Licensed Invisi-Gard® Dealer that facilitated the installation is to be contacted in the first instance (however in the event they are unavailable, please contact Alspec®) to initiate the warranty claim process within 15 years of the date of delivery.

The aluminium framing warranty provided for Invisi-Gard® covers the structural integrity of the product over the course of the products warranty period. The powdercoat used to treat the aluminium framing is covered under a warranty period that has been provided by the manufacturer (Dulux & Akzo Nobel) for that selected finish. This warranty is separate to the Invisi-Gard® 15 year product warranty.

Locks and screen accessories that are used in the Invisi-Gard® product are covered under a separate warranty that is supplied by the relevant manufacturers.

The 15 year warranty for Invisi-Gard® by Alspec® is a non-transferrable warranty, and will only cover the original purchaser of the product. The original purchaser must provide a proof of purchase and installation to the Licensed Invisi-Gard® Dealer and/or Alspec® to facilitate any claims.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. The consumer is entitled to a replacement or refund of a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have these goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of an acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Notwithstanding the preceding statement, Alspec's liability for a breach of a consumer guarantee, condition or warranty implied or created by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) (the “Act”), for any Products not of a kind ordinarily acquired for personal, domestic or household use is limited, to the extend permissible by law and at Alspec’s option in relation to the Products supplied, to:

  1. The replacement of the Products or the supply of equivalent products;
  2. The repair of the Products;
  3. The payment of the cost of replacing the Products or of acquiring equivalent products; or
  4. The payment of the costs of having the products repaired; and
To the extent permitted by law, all other warranties whether implied or otherwise that are not set out in the Warranty are excluded and Alspec® shall be under no liability in contract, tort (including without limitation, negligence or breach of statutory duty) or otherwise to compensate the Purchaser for:
  1. Increased costs or expenses;
  2. Any loss of profit, revenue, business, contracts or anticipated savings;
  3. Any loss or expense resulting from a claim by a third party; or
  4. Any special, indirect or consequential losses or damage of any nature whatsoever caused by Alspec's failure to complete its obligations in accordance with this warranty


Invisi-Gard® is intended for use in residential applications for a 15 year period, and a commercial warranty pending on application of up to 15 years which are assessed on a case by case basis. Damages that are not covered are as follows:

  • Events that are outside of control such as fire, acts of God, floods, motor vehicle accident, natural disaster, etc.
  • Intentional product damage
  • Forced entry and abuse
  • Product disassembly
  • Product alteration in any way that have not been performed by a Licenced Invisi-Gard® Dealer
  • Failure to upkeep product maintenance as per the Invisi-Gard® Care & Maintenance guide.
  • Improper use of the product

Making A Claim

To make a warranty claim, the Purchaser must make initial contact with the Licensed Invisi-Gard® Dealer. In the event that the original Invisi-Gard® Dealer cannot be contacted, the Purchaser must then contact Alspec® for further assistance on 1300 ALSPEC (1300 257 732) during business hours, via email to, or in writing at: PO Box 262, Horsley Park, NSW 2175.

This is to be done within a 30-day period of identifying the fault, detailing a description of the fault with details of how and when this has occurred, provide photos if possible as well as a copy of the proof of purchase & installation provided by the Invisi-Gard® Dealer. The Invisi-Gard® Dealer or Alspec® will assess whether the lodged claim is covered by the 15 year product warranty, then proceed with the claim process if this is the case.

Your new Invisi-Gard Stainless Steel Security Screens have been manufactured using the highest quality materials available to the security industry.

Constructed from Architectural Grade Aluminium and 316 Stainless Steel Mesh, both of these metals are highly corrosion resistant and exceptionally strong. With a moderate amount of maintenance, your Invisi-Gard® Stainless Steel Security Screens will retain their good looks, and resist the elements for years to come.

Invisi-Gard® Stainless Steel Security Screens are the product of years of development and are designed to resist corrosion and rusting, but as with all external fixtures on your home, they require some maintenance to keep looking good and performing well. Depending on how harsh the environmental elements are, the maintenance period will vary. Refer to the suggested maintenance table.

Your Invisi-Gard® Stainless Steel Security Screens should only ever need to be washed down with a soft bristled brush using warm mains water and a mild detergent.

Rinse well with mains water to remove any detergent residue paying particular attention to ensure ALL residue is flushed from the mesh retaining areas of the frame.

Only mains water is to be used as recycled, bore or tank water is unacceptable and may lead to detrimental corrosion effects. Care should be taken to avoid excessive amounts of water entering the main lock and auxiliary 3 point locks.

Strong detergents and abrasive cleaners MUST NEVER be used to clean your Invisi-Gard® Stainless Steel Security Screens as these may scratch or damage the surface finish and increase the likelihood of corrosion.

Periodic lubrication of the main lock and auxiliary lock components should only ever be done using graphite powder. Liquid or aerosol lubricants can cause corrosion and damage the locking mechanism.

External contaminants that come into contact with the Invisi-Gard® screens such as bird and bat droppings are very acidic and can quickly burn and damage the powdercoat finish of the frame and the mesh coating.

To ensure the Invisi-Gard® warranty is maintained, it is essential that these external contaminants are cleaned immediately with a mild detergent, soft bristled brush and rinsed thoroughly with mains water.

Suggested Maintenance Period Table

Environment Recommended Maximum Maintenance Interval
Indicative maintenance schedule only.
Greater than 10km radius from oceanfront or saline bay.
Every 6 months
Within 1km to 10km radius of an oceanfront or saline bay.
Every 2 to 3 months
Within 500m to 1km radius of an oceanfront or saline bay.
Every 2 to 4 weeks
Severe Marine
Within 500m radius of an oceanfront or saline bay.
Every 1 to 2 weeks
Invisi-Gard Care & Maintenance