Patio Enclosure, Rockhampton, QLD

It’s never too late to add an Invisi-Gard Patio screen enclosure to make the most of valuable undercover space.

When building or moving into a new home, there will be things you don’t know you need until you start living in the space. For this family in Rockhampton, they came to recognise how much more use they could get from their undercover entertaining area, if they enclosed it with Invisi-Gard screens.

Using the existing building framework, they were able to easily adapt the area to accommodate an Invisi-Gard Patio Screen Enclosure with Sliding Door Screens. The high visibility Invisi-Gard screens allow the room to retain its outdoor feel, benefiting from natural light and ventilation, all while keeping out insects.

While standard fly screens would also keep out the insects, they wouldn’t provide the additional properties of protection against impact, knife and jemmy attack that are the hallmark of Invisi-Gard screens. Made from 316 marine grade stainless steel, the mesh is woven into an extremely strong, flat surface which is secured within an aluminium frame using Invisi-Gard’s patented extreme grip protection (EGP) retention system. This unique design prevents corrosion by ensuring there is no contact between the stainless steel mesh and the aluminium frame, while locking the mesh securely in place.

Lockable sliding door screens in the centre of the enclosure provide access to the area, as well as making the space secure. The three point locking system on the sliding doors form an impenetrable barrier when closed and locked, providing peace of mind when no one is home.

With the addition of a family-sized dining table, television and ceiling fan, the enclosed patio has become an integral part of family life, making the perfect outdoor entertaining space where the adults can kick back and relax, while keeping an eye on the kids enjoying the pool.

Project suburb: Rockhampton, QLD
Fabricator name: AB Glazing Glass & Aluminium
Product: Invisi-Gard Patio Screen Enclosure + Invisi-Gard Sliding Door Screens