Mt Cotton home, QLD

This fully screened home in Mt Cotton shows how Invisi-Gard security screens are perfect to maximise natural cooling breezes without compromising home security.

Opening up doors and windows is a great way to use natural breezes to keep interiors cool on warm summer days, but it can expose a home to unwanted intruders of both the human and insect kind. To overcome this challenge, the owners of a new home in Mt Cotton QLD installed Invisi-Gard stainless steel security screens throughout, allowing them to harness the best of passive cooling without compromising on security.

Located halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, this family home in Mt Cotton has been out-fitted with Invisi-Gard screens across all openable windows and doors. The project included a variety of enclosures to address the different situations: double hung windows, louvres, and both hinged and sliding security doors.

The suitability of Invisi-Gard screens for this project comes from their ability to maintain light, air and views while providing exceptional security performance. The screens have been rigorously tested under the Australian Standard AS5041-2003, which prescribes the testing to prove a product will resist forced entry. The testing includes dynamic impact (simulating a kick to the door), lock and hinge lever test (jemmy attack), salt spray test, knife shear test (simulating being slashed with a knife), fire attenuation and bushfire test. The strength properties of the 316 marine grade stainless steel used in Invisi-Gard screens ensures they surpass all such tests, where many competing products fail.

Not only do Invisi-Gard screens remove the worry of unwanted intruders, they have also been shown to enhance a home’s credentials if and when it comes time to sell. It is now common to see Invisi-Gard screens listed in the desirable features of homes on the market, showing they are an investment in more ways than one, adding both security and value to a home.

With their high quality construction and proven performance credentials, the use of Invisi-Gard screens as demonstrated in this home shows you don’t have to compromise on security to enjoy a cool, light and well ventilated family home.

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