Peregian Springs Patio Enclosure, QLD

Solving the problem of how to make an outdoor patio area protected and secure by enclosing them with Invisi-Gard security screens.

Tired of not being able to sit outside without wearing insect repellent? Wish fresh air could flow through the house when you’re not home? Need more usable entertaining space?

This family home at Peregian Springs has had all three problems fixed by using Invisi-Gard security screening and doors to enclose an undercover patio. The large outdoor entertaining area at the rear of the home has been transformed into secure liveable space with the addition of an Invisi-Gard Patio Enclosure with Sliding Double Doors.

Located in the temperate climate of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, enclosing an area such as this with glass to create more space isn’t necessary. In this environment, patio security screens can be a better option over glazed windows as the area will retain that outdoor feel, enjoy all-day fresh air and be protected from the wildlife. Made from high tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel, the mesh used in Invisi-Gard screens creates an extremely flat surface with high visibility, meaning the screens won’t impact on light levels but will promote passive cooling and ventilation of the home.

Adding a security screen system enclosure to a patio or deck is like adding an extra room to a home, but in a cost effective way using existing structures and without the need for major renovations or additions. Similar screening can be custom-designed to suit most types of covered areas such as verandahs, pergolas and porches, to turn them into screened-in useable spaces.

The patio security screens also protect the home from all sizes of unwanted intruders by creating an impenetrable barrier. Invisi-Gard security screens meet and exceed the Australian Standard which measures the performance of security screens and doors against dynamic impact and knife shear tests. The combination of the mesh and a patented gripping system (which clamps the mesh to the aluminium frame) ensures the patio screening will withstand attack from impact or sharp objects.

When no one is at home, the secure locking mechanism on the sliding screen doors of the patio enclosure provides further peace of mind. The high quality hardware and aluminium frames pass the Australian Standards’ jemmy attack test, meaning intruders will fail if they try and lever their way into the home through the sliding screen doors.

And if that’s not enough, Invisi-Gard patio security screen enclosures are low maintenance, requiring little more than the occasional wash with warm water and a mild detergent, and come with the reassurance of a 15 year warranty.

Project suburb: Peregian Springs
Fabricator name TJM Security
Product: Invisi-Gard Patio Enclosure + Invisi-Gard Sliding Double Doors