Norman Gardens, QLD

High quality fixtures and fittings no doubt contributed to this home being awarded the 2013 Master Builders “Home of the Year”.

Six years ago the builders of this home near Rockhampton selected high quality fixtures and fittings that no doubt contributed to it being awarded the 2013 Master Builders “Home of the Year”. Recently listed for re-sale, that original decision to not compromise on quality continues to add value for sellers and buyers alike.

Invisi-Gard stainless steel security screens were one of the many superior products used to complete the home in the suburb of Norman Gardens, on the edge of the Mount Archer National Park. In this sub-tropical environment, Invisi-Gard window and door screening products are a must-have to provide comfort and protection, while minimising any impact on the picturesque mountain views.

In the current list of the home’s selling features, the brand name Invisi-Gard stands out as instantly offering peace of mind to potential buyers. Given home screening products vary in quality, Invisi-Gard’s reputation as a quality brand reassures buyers the home is protected by a dependable product, backed up by its 15 year warranty. Invisi-Gard screens feature 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh which makes them low maintenance and durable in the face of all types of climate and weather extremes. The high-visibility screening product has the added advantage of promoting natural ventilation and passive cooling which reduces the need to run expensive air-conditioning.

Now this award-winning home has been re-sold, it is easy to see that both future sellers and buyers have benefited from the enduring value gained when Invisi-Gard security screens are part of a home from the beginning.